Australia’s Energy System

In many countries around the world, there has been a review of how energy is generated and how those processes can be improved. The reason for this is due to the profound impact that energy sources have on the environment and their overall contribution to global warming. In Australia, energy procedures are being revised to see where they can be … Read More

Earth Hour

Earth Hour

Does Earth hour really make a difference? What is Earth hour? Earth Hour is an annual event started by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), Australia. The first event was held in Sydney on March 31, 2007. During this first event, around 2.2.million individuals and 2000 businesses participated. From being a grassroots movement in one city, the event has … Read More

Where Does Electricity Come From

Where does your electricity come from? Learn about Australia’s energy system Where would we be without electricity? Most of us take electricity for granted without ever thinking very much about where it comes from. We only think about it when we have a power black-out during a storm or cyclone. When the power stops, our lives almost stop as well, … Read More

Safety Switches

Why safety switches are so important When your appliances cut out on you in the middle of cooking, there’s generally a few choices words that come out of your mouth. That’s just human nature – nobody wants to be inconvenienced. However, there’s usually a good reason for it. In most cases, it’s because a safety switch has tripped to prevent … Read More

Solar Power vs Electric

Solar power vs electric – Which is better and why When we think about switching to solar power, it’s usually because we’re looking to save money, or we want to help the environment, or both of these things. These are good reasons to make the change, but there are other equally decent motives for making the switch to solar power. … Read More

Benefits Of Smoke Alarms

The benefits of smoke alarms and why they’re vital  A fire in the home is something no family ever wants to experience. There’s potential for serious financial losses, major property damage, and even bodily harm. Making sure all smoke alarms are working is one of the biggest priorities for any homeowner. All of the issues and tragedies we’ve mentioned can … Read More

Look For In An Electrician

The things to look for in an electrician Whether it is to install or repair electrical systems, DIY is not a solution with anything related to electricity. So, unless you intend on simply changing a bulb or operating your microwave oven, you will need to call upon a professional. There are hundreds of electricians out there and you might not … Read More